Daniel Finnigan

Irish/Japanese Dwarf Drone Rigger


Body 4 Agility 3 Reaction 5 Strength 4 Charisma 3 Intuition 5 Logic 5 Willpower 4


Daniel Finnigan was born a Dwarf in 2019 to an Irish- Japanese family.(Quality: Bilingual 5 BP) Even though seven years of Dwarf and Elf births had reduced the shock, it was still considered an embarrassment for the family. Fortunately, the Finnigans had the money and resources to hide the baby.(Quality: Born Rich 10 BP)

Daniel’s Parents, Donald Finnigin and Eioko Tan both came from families with money. Daniel’s father was a real-estate mogul. (Yes, that is the same Finnigin family that ran the Seattle Mafia.) Eioko’s parents were executives with PacRim Communications. (Fortunately they made their money and were retired before the Crash.)

Real estate values soared with the influx of people into the Seattle area. Many Real estate brokers refused to sell or rent to metahumans. Daniels father was an exception. His willingness to sell and rent to meta humans, and the fact that his real estate holdings were concentrated in Lower Queen Anne, was one of the major causes for the Elven District forming. Daniel was educated at home by private tutors. Most of his tutors used computer based tools. As time went by the tutors became unnecessary and Daniel relied entirely on computer based education. When he turned 12 (2031), his parents decided that he needed to learn how to get along with other people. Metahumans had enjoyed equal rights for seven years, so they decided it was safe for Daniel to join the public.

Daniel was enrolled in a private school. His home schooling had pushed his education beyond his age group, but he was not the only student younger than average. Two other students were his age, Annette Granger and Phillip Yagoravich. They became known in the school as the Terrible Trio. In addition to normal high school pranks, they repeatedly hacked the school computer system. They became so notorious that any prank pulled in the school was immediately blamed on them. School officials gradually grew to believe the trio had learned better and had given up their pranks. What really happened was the three had learned how to cover their tracks.

Daniel’s hobby was Remote Controlled Car Racing. He became very active in the RC Community and soon had a reputation as an excellent vehicle designer and builder. His studies began to expand from computer science to encompass more engineering. Daniel was 17 and a junior at UW when the SIN was established. He registered with everyone else and continued his studies. (Quality: SINNER +5 BP) On a dare from Annette, Daniel created a false identity complete with SIN.

It was while he was a student at UW that Daniel first met William S. McMinilly (The Guns for Hire Face). They were introduced to each other by one of Daniel’s relatives in the Finnigin Family.

Daniel was 20 and working on a Masters Degree in Robotics on the Night of Terror, as he refers to the Night of Rage. He was dragged out of a classroom by the Seattle Metroplex Guard, handcuffed and thrown into a prison bus. The bus was overfull before it left the campus. Metahuman students had been packed into the bus like sardines in a can. Dwarf students were stuffed under the seats to make room for the larger meta-types.

After hours of being jammed between the feet and legs of larger metahumans, the bus stopped and the passengers were allowed off. Daniel was herded into a warehouse on the Seattle waterfront. The metahumans were told that they would be held there until they could be loaded onto trains for deportation to California. This was part of the Governor’s plan to “improve racial harmony.”

Sometime during the night, screams and gunshots were heard from the warehouse next door to the one where Daniel was incarcerated. Before anyone could find out what was going on, an explosion ripped through the side of the warehouse. Hundreds of metahumans were killed by the explosion or the shrapnel it created. Daniel was carried along with the rush of metahumans rushing to escape through the hole. He can never forget being forced to walk over the torn bodies of the people ripped apart by the explosion.

Once outside, the crowd thinned as people ran to escape. Daniel staggered between the buildings unsure where to go. He stumbled and fell. Daniel sat up leaning against the building. He remembers a group of humans running up and stopping in front of him.

The humans were wearing black coveralls and carrying shotguns. They started shooting the Metas that were running. A human with a bullhorn was yelling, “Stop them! Kill them! Don’t let them get away!” One of the men looked down and saw Daniel on the ground. He swung his shotgun and struck Daniel in the head with the gun butt.

Daniel woke up in the dark. He was in water and somebody was carrying him. Daniel was really scared by the darkness. His thermographic vision should have let him see who was carrying him. After what seemed like hours, he was lifted up and pushed into an opening. Feeling around, he determined it was a big pipe. A small stream flowed along the bottom.

“We’ll have to crawl from here Little Buddy.”, a deep male voice said.

Daniel started to crawl but he soon figured out that he could stand up and walk bent over .It was uncomfortable but it was better than crawling. “You can stand up.”, he told the man behind him. “We can walk stooped over.”

There was a deep chuckle. “You may be able to, Little Buddy. I can barely crawl through here.”

Daniel listened as they continued on. He could hear scrapping sounds from both sides and the top of the pipe behind him. Whoever this guy was, he was big.

Daniel reached the end of the pipe. He felt around until he found a floor about a foot below the surface of the water. Daniel stepped down and moved to the side. The man behind him slid out of the pipe and groaned.

“Damn, it feels good to stretch out again. Come on Little Buddy. I know a place we can stay.” The man started walking away.
“Wait!” Daniel yelled. “I can’t see! I’m blind!”
He heard that deep chuckle again. “Hold on Little Buddy. I’ll fix that.”
Daniel felt water being splashed over his face. Then a rough hand began rubbing his checks and eyes. After more water and more rubbing, Daniel began to see a little light.
“You’d better take over now. I don’t want to hurt you.”
Daniel rubbed around his eyes. A muddy paste covered his face. He dipped up water and washed his eyes clear. He looked up from the water. A male troll was smiling at him.
“Is that better, Little Buddy?” He chuckled.
“Yes. Thank you. I must have been face down in the mud.”
“Mud hell!” The troll swore. “Your face was covered with blood from that cut on your forehead. It looks like someone tried to take your head off!”
“He hit me with a shotgun.” Daniel explained as he ran his fingers along the wound.
“You’re lucky he didn’t shoot you with it.” The Troll laughed. “Well, let’s get moving. I’d like to dry off and get something to eat.”

The troll led Daniel through the drainage pipes until they reached a hidden door. The troll tapped a code on the door. Someone on the other side tapped back. The door opened and the troll led Daniel into a small room. An ork was in the room.
“Hey, Mark. Who’s the Dwarf.”
Daniel had just made his first visit to the Ork Underground.

Daniel lived in the Seattle Underground for six years. Mark Johnson (a Caucasian Troll) was one of the founders of the organization that became known as the Ork Underground. Mark had been an Aeronautic Engineer with Federated Boeing before he transformed into a Troll. Being fired from his job had left him with an anger that just would not go away. He would work with anyone that supported metahuman rights.

Daniel did some Hacker work and built some RC snooper/scouts for the Underground. He revived that old fake SIN to cover his work. The Underground taught Daniel how to use firearms and heavy weapons. They were convinced a great raid of the Seattle Underground was coming; The OU wanted everyone to be ready to fight.

Mark taught Daniel how to build aircraft. Gradually, his snooper/scouts included flying versions. They were equipped with all types of sensors and cameras. Several Pro-metahuman groups used them to spy on their opponents.

Life moved on. Daniel’s mother gave birth to a normal human son in ‘41, a menopause baby. The boy was named Joey. He grew up a privileged rich kid. Daniel couldn’t help being jealous of how easy his brother’s life was compared to his own. His parents kept telling him it was safe to return home but Daniel felt more secure in the underground.

As the years passed, divisions began to appear in the underground. Many felt that a Dwarf didn’t belong in the underground because they were not transformed people. Daniel stuck it out until Mark died in ‘45. Everyone was just beginning to realize how short Ork and Troll life spans were.

Daniel went to Mark’s funeral. It was there he told James, Mark’s son, that he would be leaving the underground. James and Daniel stayed in touch through the years. Daniel became good friends with Travis, James’ son. James died in ‘74. Travis is a member of the Ork Underground, just like his father and his grandfather were.(Contact: Travis Johnson, Troll Freedom Fightrer,L3C3)

Daniel never went back to school. He moved into one of the apartment building that his parents owned and took the job of Manager. In his spare time, Daniel continued working on Remote Control vehicles. It was just a hobby as far as the general public knew.. But, he developed a reputation as a good guy to build RCVs.

Daniel opened his own shop. Soon he had a successful business and gave up the apartment manager job. Daniel was happy, a normal tax paying business man.

Daniel was approached by Travis Johnson to do some work for the Ork Underground. They wanted him to build a remote controlled vehicle for them. The only difference from his normal work was, they wanted weapons mounted on the car.

Daniel built the vehicle using his Fake SIN. It worked well. He built several RC vehicles for the Underground. He didn’t think it was very important until he was approached by one of his cousins, Corren Finnigin(Contact:Human, Mafia Enforcer,L2C3).

Corren was a Made Man with the Seattle Mafia. He told Daniel that his name had come up when the Mob started looking for a Rigger. Daniel wasn’t familiar with the term. When Corren explained it to him, Daniel realized that he was a Rigger.

Over time Daniel began building rigs for several different groups. It wasn’t a lot of work. He only built two or three a month. It wasn’t that hard to hide the work behind the front of his RC business.. As technology improved, the general public demanded more and more automated devices. Daniel expanded his business. He opened several shops across the city.

The only trouble Daniel ever had was caused by a traffic accident. A drunk driver hit Daniels car. It was obvious Daniel was not at fault. Unfortunately, the impact sprung the trunk of Daniel’s car. One of the officers investigating the accident spotted some illegal weapons in the trunk.

Daniel was arrested and put in jail. He called his brother and asked him to call Phillip Yagoravich and try to bail him out. Phillip Yagoravich was now a lawyer.(Contact: Phillip Yagoravich, L:3,C:3, Human, Shark Lawyer with Vory v Zakone connections) Before Phillip could get to the jail, Daniel was released. No charges were filed. He was just told he was free to leave. He never learned what happened or why he was released.(Quality: Privilaged Family Name 5 BP)

Daniels Father died in ‘55. His mother asked him to take over his father’s business. Daniel had no interest in the business. He father had been a real-estate investor. Daniel selected a few properties that were free of mortgages. They would provide a steady income for his mother. The rest of the business he sold and invested the money for his mother.

Daniel wasn’t worried about himself. He and his brother already had trust funds set up by his mother’s parents that paid each of them Y5,500 a month. (Quality: Trust Fund, 10 BP) He had a good business(Quality: Day Job +15 BP) and his brother would be taken care of by their mother.

Their mother died in ‘63. Joey was 22. They inherited the family properties in joint ownership. Joey had a BS Degree and had no interest in going back to school. He asked if he could try managing their properties. Daniel agreed.

Everything seemed fine until The Crash of ‘63. Somehow, all records of the investments Daniel had made were lost. They still had records proving ownership to the remaining family real estate but they had lost a vast fortune. Daniel always suspected that the funds had been stolen under cover of the crash.

Daniel continued to run his business. It provided him with a good income and a good cover for the rigger work he did for his select clients. His brother Joey, however, had trouble adjusting to his changed life style. He was used to being a rich kid. He soon put himself in debt and only Daniels mutual ownership of their real estate prevented Joey from selling or mortgaging the properties. Daniel helped Joey pay off his debts, but still has to keep an eye on his spendthrift brother. (Quality: Dependant level 2 +10 BP)

Daniel began to occasionally take part in Underground activities instead of just providing equipment. This was partially to pay off Joey’s debts but it was also a way to express the vengeance he sought against those who had persecuted him and other metahumans.(Quality: Vindictive +10 BP) His primary target was the Humanis Movement. (Quality: Prejudice level 4 +20 BP) Daniel still bears the scar on his forehead from the blow he had taken from the gun butt. That blow had cause some minor brain damage that resulted in both his sense of smell and his sense of taste being reduced. (Quality: Reduced Sense level 1 X 2 +10 BP) Daniel will work At Cost, or even cheaper for the right group, if they are working against the Humanist Movement. Daniel normally lives under his true SIN going about his life and business. On a job, he uses his established Fake SIN which is Erased daily by Mathew Gagliardo, a web based entity Daniel was introduced to by William S. McMinilly. (Quality: Erased 10 BP)

If anyone scans him on a normal day, the commlink he wears identifies him as a legitimate business man with a legal SIN and a complete history. If they scan him as he is working on a rigger job, the scan link would identify him by his Fake SIN. When he is taking an active part on a job a scan will detect a fake Id established for the job and disposed of immediately afterward.

Daniel has one other contact. (Contact: Annette Granger, African American, Human,Corporate Headhunter L3C3)

Daniel Finnigan

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