William S Mcminilly

Fun charasmatic Elf who appears to take on jobs that others would not find profit in.


Born on April 1st 2012 as an only child to the loving middle class family working as waste disposal engineers at Microdeck Industries at the time. With the deformity of a child the friends of the family did not take it well and distanced themselves from the family. This lead to the Family focusing on itself and rediscovering its roots.

With the influx of new people to the Seattle area in 2019 the family faced several issues with commuting to and from work, which caused both parents to take alternating jobs at Microdeck to look after William, a higher cost of living and several unseen hardships, This forced them to move to a smaller house out in the University district. This was a boon as a neighbor worked for the SPD at the time and helped in keeping the family safe during the races riots of 2023. However fate did not shine upon them during the crash of 2029 and the down turn of Microdeck both parents lost their jobs. Their neighbor having lost his job ended up having to apply to the company that ended up replacing the SPD, LoneStar Corp (Contact LoneStar Cop, Human, Timothy “Tim” Kern) Both families ended up sharing a house together to make ends meet as the crash played itself out.

While only 17 William found himself doing odd jobs around the neighborhood and at the University to help out both families, this is where he meet up with an aspiring student of magic (Contact academic mage, Human, Shara Finnly) whom he had a brief relationship with till they both realized that their goals in life were not the same. William showing no inclination towards magic. Shara not sharing Williams thrill of adventure and disapproving of the type of “people” he did work for.

This lasted for about a year, during which William found himself doing more and more “jobs” for people in and around what was becoming the Seattle megoplex. He did this out of a sense of responsibility for his family and for the adopted family that they lived with, since his parents were unemployed and finding it extremely hard to find new work he drove himself harder than ever to support the ones he loved. With Timothy slowly working his way up the ladder in LoneStar, William found himself in the “know” of what LoneStar did. He soon found himself in a position of great moral resonbilities, people turned to him for information, at first it was just simple small not harming type of inquires that William didnt even think about trading off. He Settled into his new role of “information dealer” quite easily and enjoyed it cause of the influence it afforded him. By 2030 he was the go to guy in the university district, always favoring what he considered the little people, giving them better rates or qualify information. His small measure of fame brought him a little fortune which he passed on to his and Timothys family. Mean while Timothy had worked his way up to a middle management position in LoneStar, Having found that the true power was at a desk not on the streets. He and William always talked late into the night about the politics involved in running a private police force and its interactions with the emerging mega corps.

It was during one of these nightly conversations that Timothy revealed to William a rumor he had been hearing about a great roundup of all Metahumans and deportation. Armed with even just this little bit of information William was able to pass word to the contacts close to him and prepare for the worst. So that when the infamous Night of Rage happened February 7, 2039, William, his family and families of others where at their house with the protect of the mob after William had called in some favors, meanwhile Timothy and his most loyal LoneStar men were out trying to protect those who could not defend themselves.

The fact that William and those he warned were saved from this horrible night helped build William up as a local savior while at the same time made several of his fellow metas hate him for not sharing his information out freely so that other more drastic measures other than hiding as they put it could have been done.

Several of Timothys peers questioned where he and his men were for that night, with some help from Williams contacts he was able to honestly state that he was at home, defending himself and his family. However Timothy was deeply discussed that William had used his connections to gain protection from the mob. With the fallout of that night and once Governor Schultz stepped in Timothy found himself wrapped up in the manhunt, This left William to defend his home, family and the families of those around him. This lead to the mob trying to gain more control over Williams day to day activities for the service they rendered him and his family, they demanded a certain percentage of information that William seemed to always be getting. He reluctantly agreed to this as it provided the extra stability while the riots and manhunts were happening. This did not sit very well as both Timothy and Williams own parents did not like how the mob worked or their motives for their actions. This lead to a disagreement between William, his family and Timothy, this resulted in not only Timothy and his family moving out but for Williams own parents to move with Timothys family.

Once the region was more stable and it appeared that it was safe to live a somewhat normal life they all moved out to Bellevue, it being the closest thing to their previous lives they used to live. The safety of the people who placed their trust in him was important to Williams but the ire of his own parents was too much. On several occasions he tried to get out of the “debt” he owed the mob continued for some time. Even long after what he figured a few nights of their service should have cost. He was able to mitigate their influence in his life but still he had that taint that a mob connection gave him. Over the years he was still seen as a savior by some but more and more people turned to other informants. William had to strive to show those loyal to him that he was the best source of information. this paid off during the mob wars of 2058. Having lived so long in the Seattle area he decided to partake in the rebuilding of the University area. He built his own home, spacious for a few families to live in, trying to prove to his own parents that he was indeed the child they raised. Once the house was built he offered several times to his parents and Timothys family to move in, but they were adamant about how they did not feel safe outside of Bellevue.

This continued until the elections of 2057, where it was proven that the elctronic voting was a fraud. Te election of a Dragon and his assassination lead to several riots, during which a bomb was set off in the building complex that Williams parents lived in. Neither Williams or Timothys family serviced the blast and collapse of the building. Both suffered from their loss, William offered Timothy a place to stay, which he politely declined as he was now a head of internal security at LoneStar, reaching out to the closest person he could, he found that Shara had now graduated from the U in magic, travelled the world a bit and come back to be a teacher. She listened to his sorrows and pointed out that he needs time to cope with what has happened. During this time he looked at what he wanted to do and decided to dedicate everything he had at making sure people were not hurt who had nothing to do with the ebb and flow of the politics, wither it be gangs, corps, mobs or others. This new dedication served him well during the mob wars of 2058 when his debt was finally released with some severe negotiations and hacking of the then fractured mob families community. With the return of the comet is 61 and with the crash in 63 is what made William the person he is today. Write this up earlier then reference it with the crash 2.0, William and Sharas friend, Mathew Gagliardo, an CS major at the U who was an friend of Shara, He was looking into a new way for others to interface with the Matrix. It was that fateful day that the three of them were in his study when the matrix crashed while Mathew was demoing his new interface. He screamed out, his body going limp. There was nothing to indicate he was even alive, yet for some reason the message “i am in here” kept repeating upon the screen. It shocked both William and Shara to find that their close friend had somehow been trapped in the net. Promising to do what they can for him Shara took his body and currently casts a preservation spell upon it incase there is a day that they can return Mathew to his body.

This leads to William and Mathew devising a scheme on how William can fulfill the promise he made to himself. With Mathews help William had access to several new sources of information. Since His Sin had been erased William now did not exists, to which Mathew vowed to make sure he would never exist.

To help this out William took a new Name of Elijah. Having patched up his friendship with Timothy by informing him of some fallout from the elections of 2070, Timothy now still runs the internal investigations at LoneStar, Shara is now a major professor at the U in the field of Magic, studying how to possibly return Mathew to his body, meanwhile Mathew and Elijah work together to collect all information they can and dole it out to the proper people. Recently He has heard that he might have distant relations here in the city. This is something he must find out.

William S Mcminilly

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